St. Ansgar is on Highway 218. To get to the Blue Belle Inn if you are coming north on Highway 218, keep going straight west when you get to the Casey's in St. Ansgar instead of turning north and following the highway to Austin, MN. This will take you west down 4th Street, past our shopping district. 5 blocks west of Casey's, the Blue Belle will be on the right.

If you are coming from the east on Highway 9, follow Highway 9 out of Riceville heading west. Turn right at the first blacktop about 2 miles out of Riceville. You will be heading north on the McIntire Road or Walnut Ave. Turn left on the first blacktop road. You will be heading west on the Little Cedar Road. Stay on the Little Cedar Road until it ends. Turn left onto the blacktop at the T where it ends. You will be heading west on the Stacyville Road. Stay on this road until it ends. Turn right onto Highway 218 at the T where it ends. You will be on Highway 218 North heading due west. When you get to St. Ansgar, keep heading west instead of veering north on the Highway at the Casey's. The Blue Belle Inn is straight ahead on the right, two blocks past the downtown shops.

If you're coming from the far northwest, you will be coming into town on County Road 105 from Northwood. The Blue Belle Inn will be on your left when you reach the first stop light in St. Ansgar.

If you are coming from the south via I-35, take the Highway 9 exit off I-35 and go east on Highway 9 through Manly and turn north on county road T-26 (The turn-off is twenty some miles east of the interstate. If you come to Osage, you have gone too far east and should turn north on Highway 218). When you come into town on County Road T-26, the Blue Belle Inn will be right in front of you when you come to the first stop sign.

To get to Clear Lake from the Blue Belle, go south on County Road T-26 until you get to Highway 9, turn right and go west on Highway 9 until you reach I-35, go south on I-35 until you reach the Clear Lake exit, and exit right.)


The Blue Belle Inn
Bed & Breakfast and Tea House
513 West 4th Street - P.O. Box 205
St. Ansgar, Iowa 50472